In Home Consultations


Includes up to 90 minutes face-to-face time where we can discuss your breastfeeding challenges and goals to tailor a plan that suits you. Additionally, you will be a written assessment and plan, plus follow up to really make sure you are well supported.


This option is for those wanting a simple check and reassurance of current feeding practices. It is most suited to families wanting to discuss just one concern and not requiring full exploration to identify cause of breastfeeding difficulties. A written care plan and follow up not included.


Should you require additional support, you can request a follow up visit. Or perhaps circumstances have changed and further guidance is needed. A new written plan will be provided as well as follow up is included.


This service is for those that may have only one or two questions and do not need any assessments that would require a face-to-face consultation. Allow for approximately 30 minutes for this service.

Antenatal Breastfeeding Education


This service is an information session for you, your partner and any other support people you wish to include. The session, conducted in the comfort of your own home, will set you up for successful breastfeeding. Included during the session will be breast and milk production basics, how breastfeeding works, getting breastfeeding off to a good start, positioning and attachment, common concerns and much more. Allow up to 2.5 hours for this session. A follow up phone call will be available after the birth of your baby to support you putting your new skills into practice. Additionally, a discounted in-home consultation following birth will be available at a cost of $79 should you require one


This is a discounted in-home visit for mothers who have previously attended a private antenatal breastfeeding education class and are requiring support putting the skills into practice. Allow around an hour for this consultation.

Early Parenting Support

Parenting Support


A one hour consultation to support you in adjusting to parenthood. This includes things like general parenting, sleep and settling techniques, normal infant behaviour, adjustments to meet your own needs as you adapt to Parenting Support your new parenting role.

Discuss the basics of mindfulness and how they can be applied in our parenting practice. This session is suitable for families just starting out right through to seasoned parents needing help finding their way back to their Mindful Parenting Workshop parenting values (90 minutes)

Gift Voucher

The perfect gift


Looking for that perfect gift to give a new or expecting mother? This voucher can be used for a pre or post birth consultation. What better way to look after your loved ones than to help set them up towards breastfeeding success.