Mindful Parenting Workshop

Parenting is often described as one of the most rewarding and meaningful experiences of our lives. It can also be very demanding. It can be easy to slip into a state that is disengaged from the world around us and end up functioning on autopilot. This can leave us feeling empty, isolated and unfulfilled. It can allow us to react rather than respond to our little ones. We can coast along for great lengths of time never really achieving anything nor living according to our values.

Mindfulness helps us to switch off from autopilot and to tune in with our present moment, our children and our life purposefully making it the life we want to live. It is both simple and profound but above all else, mindfulness requires learning and practice.

During this workshop we will go over the basic principles of mindfulness and mindful parenting.

We will talk about the importance of identifying our own individual parenting values and explore practices that help strengthen our ability to parent mindfully.

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