Private Antenatal Breastfeeding Education Session


Australian research has shown that new mothers wish they had received more preparation for breastfeeding and the early months of parenting prior to the birth of their baby.

This service is session is for you, your partner and any other support people you wish to include. Conducted in the comfort of your own home, this session can be tailored to meet your needs to set you up for breastfeeding success.

Allow up to 2.5 hours for this session. A follow up phone call will be available after the birth of your baby to support you putting your new skills into practice. This session is suitable for first time families as well as mothers who may have had prior negative breastfeeding experiences and wish to discuss aspects that may have contributed to the outcome. Additionally, a discounted in-home consultation following birth will be available at a cost of $60 should you require one

What you can expect:

  • Learn some of the skills you will need to care for your new baby

  • Realistically prepare for the changes about to happen in your life

  • Discuss questions and concerns you may have about breastfeeding

  • Develop a support network before giving birth

Topics Covered:

Included during the session will be breast and milk production basics, how breastfeeding works, getting breastfeeding off to a good start, positioning and attachment, common concerns and much more.

  • How breastfeeding works

  • Basics of milk production and understanding your milk supply

  • Establishing breastfeeding, the first feed and getting off to a good start

  • Importance of skin-to-skin contact in the first hours and beyond

  • Positioning and attachment

  • Discussion of what is 'normal infant behaviour' for a breastfed baby

  • Importance and role of partners in breastfeeding

  • Adjusting to parenthood - surviving the early days and weeks with a new baby

  • Troubleshooting common concerns and problem solving

Discounted in-home visit

Additionally, following the birth of your baby, should you wish to access an in-home visit you will be entitled to take advantage of a one off discounted price of just $79