Initial Consultation


Allow at least 90 minutes for this initial consultation. Once you have made your booking you will be sent a link to an online intake and consent form to fill in your details. This will help enable us to optimise our time together.

Consultations take place in the privacy and comfort of your own home. I do request that if you have any pets that may be bothered by my presence or will be overly keen to join in and help be kept either outside or safely in another room.

You can expect to be supported to establish lactation, explore feeding practices and work to overcome any difficulties you may be experiencing.

Each consultation is guided by what you need. You might have already had your baby and require help to establish or optimise your breastfeeding. You may be experiencing some major difficulties or you may just need some reassurance. You might have had difficulty breastfeeding your first infant and are wanting to arm yourself with knowledge and support to successfully feed your next baby. You might have been feeding well but have begun experiencing new challenges. You might have discontinued breastfeeding and are wanting to look into re-lactation.

Common concerns:

  • Sore or cracked nipples

  • Reoccurring blocked ducts or mastitis

  • Boosting milk supply

  • Oversupply

  • Slow or low weight gains

  • Feeding refusal or fussiness at the breast

  • Coughing, gagging, uncoordinated sucking/swallowing/breathing

  • Tongue ties

  • Lactose overload

  • Feeding twins or more